Monday, September 27, 2004

Tallying: Questions in Class

I have to say, I was ON in class today. I answered questions like they were going out of style. It is amazing how I could rephrase things and people actually seemed to understand. Maybe I'm becoming partially articulate. It's definitely doubtable though. The questions I was rephrasing were so tedious that any restatement probably made them sound coherent. So sad ... and here I thought Id' found some marbles!

Oh well, it's not a lost cause. I ended up going to the gym AFTER class today. Wierd. The classes that start at 9 just totally mess up my day. I don't know why. Well, no, I do know why. If I go to the gym I have to be there before 7. Do you know how hard it is to get up now before 7. It's barely light out! Then you get there, and they play this GOD AWFUL dans musik. It really is atrocious. So you are lifting and suddenly you realize, omg, I cant' do anymore, why I am SO tired. Well, duh, the music has you pushing out reps so fast it makes richard simmons look like julia childs. So, the 6 am work out, not going to happen. That's all I need is to be too tired to realize how fast I'm going, and drop weights on my face or something. So, I get to go to class, sans work out, and the professors show up 10 minutes late. It just gets old. But whatever, it's free right :)

So to help pass time I began a tally. There will be frequent tally updates, possibly on a different blog, but there will definitely be updates. Tally categories include: (1) "Can you repeat/clarify the question?" (2) "What?" and others. Those two are just the most common. I'm sure my class wonders what I'm doing, but omg it's amazing how often these two topics come up.

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