Sunday, September 26, 2004

Random Quotage and Highschool Reversions

I'm decidely inspired by C's blog. So much so, I'm staying up well pasted my bedtime to write more. Jesus H Christ. Most of these quotes will remain without author until I can remember where they all came from. HOWEVER, you can rest assured the speaker is nestled neatly within the mass of this blog. Please note, there were no aminals harmed during the production of the following quotes ...

"Okay, the cute babies and dogs have to stop. Seriously"

"Yeah, they look anorexic..."

"I think when you BUY a flat here you get one of those dogs"

"Yeah, I need one more thing from you and that's it ... it says it's a two-step process."

"No, I don't think kittens like that."

"I'll look into it ... what were we talking about again."

"Why don't you try using .. *pointing dramatically towards his temple* this instead."

"I'm REALLY used to using forms."

"No one wants to reinvent the wheel."

"Someone may not understand them because of the different melodies we speak with."

High school is so far behind us, and yet, we relive that experience daily. Seemingly, I can't escape it. The following list is just a sample of what I mean.

- Your friends want you to save a seat in class.

- If you were slow when you got there first, you all squeeze-in. Even when there are several extra seats.

- The first day you had a discussion about popularity. More importantly, your conversation mentioned the ellusive A group.

- as much as you want to work, you are on an allowance. Authorized by parents or significant other.

- Everyone has a nick name.

- When you had role call the first day, you were seriously tempted to initiate the Penis Game even considering that half your classmates wouldn't get it.

- Drinking is cool.

- No one can have more than a few before they are tipsy. Of course, they blame their non-tolerance on other focuses.

- You really want to tell people about particular hygeinic practices, but instead you talk with your friends about it and devise ways to avoid and cure the problems yourselves.

- Everyone is nice. It seems like, sometimes, they don't know how else to act.

- Passive agressive is acceptable. Agression is passe or non-pc.

- you rediscover that everyone's shit smells. Even your own.

- You are so confused in class sometimes, you just know you are ADHD. In fact, you blank out whole portions of class.

- the art of bs is not lost.

- when you answer a question the room draws back in that aweful horror file angle, singlingly you out. Everyone watches you intently. Hoping, deep down, that you fuck up royally.

AS much as this SOUNDS sorta like highschool. There are some distinct features worth noting.

- You see your teachers 2 - 4 hours a week.

- One of them wrote the book. If you can understand it, why the hell are you taking the course. In fact, if you CAN read and understand the book, you are doing better than half the teaching staff.

- Getting a short question is a blessing, and usually the crucifix. As you take the bait of the easy question, the prof assembles the questions in a 10 minutes question that is exactly 2 sentences peppered with dangling articles. Now that you are carrying the damn cross up a hill, answer the question.

- could you repeat the question? is the most used in the class. I think I will start a tally.

- Native speakers have the advantage. Um I've yet to see this. We are expected to talk more, write better and help everyone else ... somehow that is uber advantageous.

aight, I'm stopping here. I've been writing way too long. My typos are growing, exponentially.

night :)

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