Sunday, March 27, 2005

I 'think' it's Easter

So my family was never very religious. There are certain expectations one has for easter though. One, in particular, is an easter basket. OMG, so much fun, so bad for you, and so the purpose for belly-aches in american children for the next two weeks.

I was shocked not to get one. Oh, okay, maybe only a little surprised. I did go out and buy my own candy and had some american candies i'd 'requested' on hand. To my utter dismay, no basket. Oh well. I engorged on enough sweets to put me in a food coma and send me down for a nap.

What, pray tell, is in said basket, one might ask. Traditionally, Easter baskets should have (1) jelly beans, (2) chocolate 'robins' eggs, (3) faux-marshmellow-chic-thingies, (4) fun plastic grass that kills small animals when they eat it cause it chokes their intestings (like xmas tinsel only green), (5) other assorted goodies like cadbury eggs and sweet tarts shaped like easter bunnies and eggs.

My grandmother forwarded the craziest thing. I will post it here if I can figure out how. It's a bunny rabbit, rapping about easter. RAPPING. I was all, omg, dude someone needs to take the internet AWAY from here and get her new meds. It was funny, but damn. It's like the time when she got my mom this shirt with cats on the front. So innocent, and cute, you could even see their tails and stuff. YEs, and then mom turned around. I thought I'd crap myelf on the spot. CAT ASSES. That's right, I said cat asses! When I gently brought it to gramma's attention she looked at me completely straight faced and said, "Babe, that's why I bought it, it's a scream!" She calls everyone babe, btw. She gave no thought to the fact that mom could never actually WEAR the shirt out in public. I think she still has it, somewhere.

The time's changed here. Which is strange, but I think they do it here one week before England. I'm not sure how that works. I thought it was the first week of April, but apparently not. At least it's over a holiday weekend. That way we can all adjust before we get back to the work week.

The weather is gorgeous. For everyone who left, mothah fuckah's I'll cut you. It is SOOOO nice here. Sunny, highs in the 10's (50's for F). Just gorgeous. Everyone is out in the street in force. They really could not have ordered a more perfect weekend to introduce spring. Though, I speculate that we are still in for a few more weeks of cold weather before it clears off and turns truly nice. There is still snow on the ground and it's been 14 and sunny the last three days in a row ... damn unmeltable snow. All the ice is coming down river through Stockholm HArbor, so there are tons of cool pictures to take etc.

Anyways. I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. I'm enjoying a little down time, some good food, and tremendous weather. Sending my best wishes to you all.


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