Thursday, March 17, 2005

Gone and in the News

I leave in a few hours, so this is likely my last post for a while. Hopefully you guys won't miss me too much :) C is off in the States and D is getting ready to head to England. I can imagine that they are both preoccupied and not missing me much :)

I promise to take lots of pictures. We are going through Normandy for the most part, so there should be lots of cool pictures. I will be in Paris for a day, but I don't plan on doing a whole lot. I really did not enjoy Paris last time I was there. Granted, I was an angst-filled teen with the whole world to be mad at. I just really did not like it. The thing that sticks out most in my mind was that they had a motorcross type show infront of Sacre Coeur ... I mean common, that SHOULD have been cool ... what was I thinking? I did grow an inch while I was there though. Maybe that explains it?

In the news. I found out that some one from my sordid past is HUGELY in the news. Interesting, I met the person on odd circumstances, but it's strange. There is a HUGE to do about said person right now in the US. I hope that everything turns out for the best. I wanted to contact the old acquaintence but I'm sure I'm a memory long forgotten. Plus, my timing leaves a little to be desired. I would want to reach out to offer support, but it would look more like a "omg, I know you, can I share in your tarnished fame?!?!?" Which is totally not my thing. Oh well. I wish I could be supportive somehow; I'll think about it.

Fun new games. You must also try out flip word on Yahoo!games. Link here FLIP WORD so much fun.

State of the Readers 4.2.1

Interestingly, the major organizations have squeezed out some of the smaller. This is kind of expected, and I doubt my writing really catches the long term readers :( I did get a reader who returned after finding my blog through a porn search (search was porn, food and pets ... yeah ... )"Peter, what is this I hear you are having trouble with your TPS reports?!" "Did you get a copy of that memo?" Anyways, stats as follows:

  1. Network

  2. IP

  3. Commerical

  4. Sweden

  5. Tonga

  6. Canadia

  7. Denmark

This week's peak days were Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I had the highest traffic ever on Monday with 46 visits. Sunday had 90 views. Monday had 130 views and Tuesday had 48 views.

If you are looking for new blogs to read, Life Under Cover is about an undercover cop who has a flare for writing in a semi-pornographic way. Quite enjoyable. For something a little less carnal try JC's place and Grace. For something dry, young and funny try The Megan, Megan, and Simon Under Cover. I know I pimp out the same places every time, but dude, GO READ, they are fun :)

Hopefully talk soon. Everyone have a great weekend


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