Monday, March 14, 2005

Why I'd be a good boyfriend

Just to note, JC copied me copying The Megan. Inspired by The Megan, yet again, I feel compelled to write why I'd be a good boyfriend. After giving it some thought, I am very much like JC, I do not like talking about my personal life much, and I don't take compliments well. This should be a good exercise for me, at least emotionally. It will be interesting to see what my friends think about my list of qualities :)

  1. I'm cute.
  2. I'm not stalk-me-I'm-hot-good-looking, thereby limiting jealousy and roaming eyes
  3. I trust others
  4. I am loyal
  5. I listen
  6. I am not afraid to fight
  7. I am really good with animals (pets, and only pets ... what are YOU thinking about ?!).
  8. I am great with kids (stop it, that's gross)
  9. I can rig alomst anything
  10. I'm even better when I have instructions
  11. I like meeting people
  12. I'm an amazing cook
  13. I'm even good at grilling
  14. My body tempurature runs hot when I sleep
  15. I am good with emotions
  16. Love sports
  17. Like to keep in shape
  18. Have a nice smile
  19. I'm thoughtful of others, usually more so than myself
  20. I'm a great hugger
  21. I'm an even better kisser
  22. I give killer massages
  23. Fullbody even, though I'm out of practice
  24. I have an affectionate-come-hither-touch for those lazy times in bed
  25. I like to nap a lot - goes well with 7, 8, and 14
  26. I'm a good size for snuggling/spooning
  27. I am well read and traveled
  28. I like to share experiences
  29. I am open minded, and yet, american
  30. I believe Chivalry and Romance are not lost
  31. I want to be swept off my feet
  32. I believe in attraction at first sight
  33. I've experienced it twice
  34. I always try to be my lover's best friend
  35. I have a huge random knowledge base
  36. thus I'm a killer trivial pursuit partner
  37. I've no fear of parents
  38. I've a great, but rather strange, family
  39. I've always wanted to bring someone home for the holidays
  40. Thoughtful gifts are paramount to expensive gifts
  41. I like watching scary movies with someone close
  42. It gives me more opportunities to scare the feck out of them later!
  43. I like to integrate friends, but believe in a separation of 'church and state'
  44. I understand needing to go out separately
  45. So long as we both come home trashed >:)
  46. I appreciate sacrifice
  47. I never expect it
  48. I like to try and do interesting things to 'learn lessons' (stop it, this is totally clean!)
  49. I'm currently growing out my hair to donate to Locks of Love for kids with cancer
  50. I'm always there for support

Hope that sums it up well :)


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