Sunday, March 13, 2005

Things you may not know about me ...

This post is so inspired by The Megan introduced to me by JC. Megan's recent bought of illness and obsession with basketball exacerbated her insomnia one night and she wrote: "What the hell are you bitchin' about? I gotta sleep under some Chinaman named after a duck's dork." (Clever quote from 16 candles) -- did you guys know that Joan Cusack was in that movie, give the neck-brace girl a closer look next time! I'm thus inspired. Here's some little known facts about me.

  1. I slept 2 hours, on average, my first three years of ugrad.
  2. I was suicidal for 3 years in undergrad
  3. During which time I resented my family, and mostly my dad
  4. I, thankfully, am over that now
  5. I obsess about movies, and usually take myself to a few movies a month
  6. I used to play semi professional soccer in Europe
  7. I never scored a goal in regulation time
  8. I made one of two shots on goal in an international friendly against the czech national team
  9. I miss soccer more than people realize -- though not enough to invoke secret cutting
  10. I play computer games like a logic puzzle. If it can't be reasoned out or perfected I obsess until I have a close-pattern
  11. I over analyze everything
  12. I've always wanted to teach, but my family told me it was a waste of my schooling.
  13. The are just now coming around
  14. I hate my body, but at least it's my hate
  15. I've had three long term relationships
  16. Two of which ended with my significant other cheating on me
  17. The last was an emotional abusor
  18. I've been single for three years
  19. I've never been dumped
  20. I've only been completely emotionally in tune with one person
  21. I feel alone, a lot
  22. I want to find true love
  23. I enjoy sleeping with someone as much as sex
  24. Playing around (with each other)is more important than sex, usually
  25. I give really good hugs
  26. I'm an even better kisser
  27. I want kids
  28. I would be a great dad
  29. I'd be just as good a spouse
  30. I read, a lot
  31. I love fantasy and sci fi
  32. I play video games when I'm not reading
  33. I love anime
  34. I love cartoons
  35. Angry music always makes me feel good about myself
  36. I fantasize about having psychic powers
  37. I only use my 'powers' for good, even in my dreams
  38. I think most people around me are smarter
  39. I am only funny when I don't try
  40. I have a unique eye for pictrues
  41. I went to law school to please my parents
  42. I never wanted to go to law school, it was something to do
  43. I stayed in MD for my ex
  44. I will never stay, move or mold my life around a new relationship again
  45. I have few friends
  46. I have fewer close friends
  47. I have almost no male friends
  48. I want to travel more
  49. I'm from a tiny town in North Carolina
  50. Every time I go there I feel sick
  51. I feel I have a lot to offer someone
  52. I like to think I can hold my alcohol
  53. Beer gets me drunker than hard alcohol
  54. I used to bartend
  55. and Barback
  56. I've turned down sex from a porn star
  57. I've accidentally gone out on a date with an escort
  58. 14 lesbians, so far, has asked me for a 'donation'
  59. I'm a really good cook
  60. I like to tell other people I'm a really good cook
  61. I believe I missed my calling in life
  62. I should have been a chef, or restaurant owner
  63. I have terrible mood swings, akin to a 2 year old
  64. I am loyal and protective
  65. I am a total retard right after I wake up
  66. I fantasize about kissing people, all the time, especially when I talk to them
  67. I pin this on my lack of significant other
  68. I am still searching for a place to call home
  69. I've never been to south america
  70. I discount people who are 'too good looking'
  71. I dismiss models and good looking people
  72. I've yet to be wrong about either -- whether for personality or mind
  73. I think the poem at the end of Knights in White Satin is tremendous
  74. The Last Unicorn, Labrynth, Neverending Story, and Princess Bride are my favorite movies
  75. The Belgariad and Mallorean are my favorite series so far
  76. I want to meet a famous person and treat them like I would anyone else
  77. I want to inspire people
  78. I hate brussel sprouts
  79. I also hate eggplant, unless it's japanese
  80. I wish I could do the body restoration like in Matrix, and just wake up ripped and beautiful
  81. I wish my voice was deeper, ala James Earl Jones, "People will come Ray, people will most definately come ..."
  82. I almost never fantasize about famous people
  83. I am so open minded that "I Never" usually turns into a "Waterfalls" for me
  84. I like to shower
  85. I like to be clean
  86. I like to be dirty
  87. I love sports
  88. I like sports on TV
  89. I've done 'stuff' with 3 varisty athletes and 1 professional athlete
  90. I love blue
  91. I am an amazing mediator
  92. I like people to be happy
  93. I like it even more when I get to make them happy
  94. I like to throw parties
  95. I make some of the best shots, ever
  96. I make even better cosmos
  97. I secretly hate cosmos, but they are good for other people
  98. I really dislike dancing
  99. I have to be really drunk to do it
  100. I am not bad, so long as you like it dirty and, er, close
  101. I am a HUGE flirt :)

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