Thursday, March 10, 2005

Fun Sleep Stories

Inspired by my sister's post, I am doing a post on fun sleeping stories. Oh, we all have them, just that some people have better stories than others. Mine aren't spectacular, but they are fun :)

1. Staying with my Sister.
I went to stay with my sister a few times while we were both in ugrad, about 6 - 8 hours from each others (depending on who was driving of course). I was there, for an a cappella competition in her collegiate city, so I stayed with her. I had a friend from the group stay with us. His gf wanted me to keep an eye on him, and what better way than taking him to an all girls school ...

Anyways, we settle down in our respective sleeping bags on the floor. Now, for those who do not know me well, the second I settle down 'to try and sleep' I'm out. I mean dead to the world. Usually. so I settled down. Sis's roomie stayed up to work on a paper. Sometime round 2 when she was heading to bed, she stepped over me and I jerked. "Ouch", "Ouch". Of course she freaked out thinking she had stepped on me, but I was totally asleep. Apparently I have a sense of humor, even in Rem (gratuitous lawyer joke for those who caught that ;) ). So you can imagine the poor girl is stressed and trying to make her way to bed and I, the sleeping corpse, makes her think she's hurting me. Is no good :)

Another time, I think on the same visit, we were nestled in our bags. Lights were out, except maybe for Sis's roomie. I'd been asleep for some time. Then, suddenly, I stand straight up (like I'd been pulled up by rope, i.e. possessed). I start brushing at my clothes and shouting," Get them off, SPIDERS, get the spiders ..." Then I fall back down in a heap and go back to sleep. My friend completely freaked out and couldn't go back to sleep. I think this is expected now whenever I go stay with my sister :)

Her first, or maybe second term, I went to visit. I drove 6 hours straight (oh, I made UBER good time) and came to see her and wanted to take a nap. I immediately curled up in her over-stuffed-down-nest that she called a bed and went to sleep. I woke up a bit later with a little stuffed dog on my shoulder and about 10 girls in the room. I was all ... um, what's going on. They'd apparently stormed the room and taken pictures and stuff ... I'm not conivnced I've seen ALL the pictures >:)

2. Crazy, Vampiric Roommate.

This was insane, my roommate from first year in undergrad. The first day we get in, we put all our stuff away then go do social stuffs. I had a pretty good time. My roommate stayed in the room, arranging his side so it was all black and goth-esque. I was all, whatever, my side was blue and white, so we were basic opposites, kinda.

That night I go out to a frat party, since I'd already met a bunch of brothers. roomie stayed put and was tucking in about the time I left. He laid on his back, pulled the covers up under his arms, then folded them across his chest like a mummy. No joke. I left, promptly. Just imagine, this wierd kid, in his black sheets and bed cover, on his back like some sort of corpse.

I came in around 1. Oh, I was pretty drunk, but I had enough sense to not lock the door before I left so I could just squeak in. I was also a master of stealth after living with a mother who used to wake up when the cat walked on the carpet. So I came in as quiet as possible. I'm almost completely undressed and I turn down my bed.

I notice some movement on the otherside of the room. I glance over, and freak boy is still in the exact same position. Freaky, I think. Then, his head turns, and his eyes snap open like a horror flick. There was just enough light in the room to see his eyes contrasted with his pastey skin. Then he said, "Were've you been ... I've been waiting." I was freaked at this point.

I got into bed. I slept with my back to the wall, curled in the fetal position. It could have been the alcohol, but I think it was the roommate wierdness. Needless to say, I was in the housing office the next day requesting a room change.

3. Waking up from Naps.

I am a total retard when I wake up from naps. I'm over trying to convince people otherwise. I used to pick up the phone and tell people I wasn't napping. I'm not the person who can pull it off though. It's like talking to me when I've been playing videogames -- I'm just not all there, at least not in the conversation. Now I'm just up front, "dude, I just woke up, can I call you back?" Oh, and the whole politeness thing, I'm over that too, "yeah you woke me up, now you have to wait for me to call back because I'm totally useless to you >:)" Luckily I don't nap that much.

There are so many, but these were fun. I've a few more I may post in the next few days.

have a good one


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