Thursday, March 03, 2005

You're never there ... never ever ever ever there

There is a complete and total deficite of Kan Jang in the city. This is the lakrits remedy I previously mentioned. I am uber pissed becase the rents left today. They left me with their cold. It's totally groady, I don't want to go into detail, but damn. At least I could still go to the gym today, we'll see if that bites me in the ass later.

So I have this cold, and no Kan Jang. I'm serious, mom took all of it. Every last stitch I had in the house. It is killing me because I went to six different stores today, only to stare at empty shelves. Dust rigns marked where the kan jang bottles sat for months undisturbed. Oh, but now that I had need, real need, they were gone. Some masse rush on the herbal remedy, leaving me riddled with a nasty cold, and no means of recooping. I will go forage again tomorrow, in the wilds of stockholm grocery stores. At least they had low fat milk today ...


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