Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Avid Fan

I noticed I'm posting more now than I did all of last year. It makes sense, that I'm in a writing mode with the thesis work and all, that I would write more this term. But, but I am also noticing, is that people only really the first thing they see when the enter a site. SO, I'm doing a bunch of writing that no one reads. That is so not cool.

I half expect something out of Manhunterto occur sometime. For those not familiar with the excellent work in manhunter, may be more familiar with the cheap, disreputable remake, Red Dragon. I'm sorry, but the original was amazing to me, probably when I saw it as a kid, so the remake never really 'does it' for me. Plus Manhunter was one of michael mann's earlier screenplay-directed films. You should not be able to tell where I got my title. If you can't, you are missing out. Another fun quote we used from manhunter was when enticing someone into a date it is always cool to be able to say, "Ride with me. Pet the tiger."

As I'm sitting here writing this mental vomitus, I'm reminded of a recent Family Guy rerun where Stewie shouts at Lois, "What are you trying to do woman, kill me, with another one of your vile culunary abortions?" My god babies have a way with words. My parents suggest that kids really act like that though. Well, what do we expect with all the coddling and stuff we give them it must piss them off not to be able to ask for proper food. Family Guy is 'uncancelled' btw, it returns to Fox on May 1, 2005. Woo HOO, wait, I'm stil in sweden ...


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