Monday, February 28, 2005


Kycling (chicken in swedish, pronounced shoo-cling) are so good. I live off these things, serious, I have to try and limit myself to a couple a week. C and D know what I'm talking about. They hear about the kyckling all the time.

You get them at any local grocery. They are roasted, so there's no added fun carbs or fat, usually in house. The groceries put them out around 10:30 and leave them in heated cabinets until close. Usually they sell out before dinner time. They are fun and easy though.

You have to prepare them when you get home though. Granted, the little things are cooked within an inch of their lives, but I have issues with chicken standing in a heated cabinet all day. I usually run it in the over for 10 minutes, then under the broiler real quick to crisp up the skin.

They really are the best, I always miss them when I'm in the states.

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