Tuesday, February 22, 2005

picked out the croud

Okay, so I've mentioned this before. People will pick me out of a group of people, and just talk to me. Usually it is to ask directions. Today was no different. I just got back from the huge booksale down town, because I'm a total bookwhore. On my way home I passed through Normalmstorg.

This man and his wife stop me, of all the nice, open looking swedes they could choose. "Ursakta. Kan du prata engleska?" They ask politely, in pretty decent swedish. "Sure," I respond in my decidely american accent. "When does the trolley come? We've been waiting over 30 minutes!" I remembered that the trolley rarely ran, and I thought it was just the sumemr months, but I wasn't sure. It's lunch time so it should have come if it was running. "I'm sorry, but it probably only runs on weekends, though I only ever really see it in the summer." They both mumbled something sad.

Like the good swede I just left. I did my thing, I needed to get home and get ready for tutoring. I feel bad but I should have asked them where they were trying to go so I could direct them to tunnelbana or bus accordingly. Oh well, stockholm is uber easy to get around, they should be fine. It is still strange to me that people would pick ME of all people out of a bustling croud of swedes and try to get directions. It's kinda fun though.
My best,


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