Thursday, February 17, 2005

tempted to sleep

There is something odd about my sleep cycle. In sweden we have long, dark winters. Everyone knows that right? Well, most people respond to the dark by needing more rest, usually in terms of naps or longer sleep hours. I, on the other hand, shortened my sleep cycle to make room for going to the gym, doing work for school and still having time to play games etc.

Now I've a problem. I think my body got used to it being dark so much, and now that it gets light earlier and stays light longer, my body wants more sleep. Go figure. I've always been an odd person, but I've felt compelled to nap all week. Yesterday I didn't and I slept TERRIBLY last night. It's a vicious cycle, because now I'm uber tired and sleep is really gnawing at me. I think I'll nap. Shouldn't it be the other way around though? shouldn't I want to stay up now that it is lighter longer?

I guess I also wasn't writing a thesis last semester. That may be the big clencher. I've yet to do much work today, just open the document and puruse some research. I guess I could go through some research for an hour and tick that off as something I've actually accomplished besides eating, drinking, going to the gym and turing oxygen to carbon dioxide.

I'm going to go debate this ...


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