Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I go to tutor in about 30 minutes. I'm really excited about several things but I still have my reservations. This is my first time to tutor in English, but I should do okay.

The kid is about 14. His mom likes to come with him to tutoring. I tried to set-up a really casual environment, so we can just relax and use English in a more social context. By being social you learn both the necessary and the short-cut words and phrases necessary to have good communication skills. I used to tutor kids just younger than this guy in maths and sciences, so it should not be so bad. I just worry about his mom being there, it is pretty distracting. I wonder sometimes why she insists on being present. I guess she is the payor though.

I've always wanted to teach. I am just taking the long way around I guess. After undergrad my parents threw an absolute FIT when I said I wanted to teach. Their response was, more or less, what a waste of a perfectly good education. Then again, they also refused to support my interests in medical school. 10 - 12 years is an awefully long time to go without parental and family support emotion or otherwise. So, three days out from my MCAT (med admission exam) I canceled my seat and started looking, blindly, for something else that 'might possibly interest me'. Big mistake.

I ended up sitting for the GRE (SAT for grad school). I did really really well on the logic section without studying. So, I hired a career advisor to help me. She, of course, encouraged me to apply to law school. I'd taken all the personality exams so we checked out my suitability and I was in the 80th percentile. Collecting myself, I compiled a list of 10 law schools with several reaches. I sat for the LSAT and did mediocre. I was not well suited, even at the outset, to go to law school. Anyways I went. I decided in my first year that law practice was definitely not the thing for me, but Academia really piqued my interests. This was new, because teaching I always thought was just HS etc.

I started to focus on alterate ways to use a JD. of course, one can go straight from Law school to teaching, but we have to keep in mind, Law school was NOT a breeze for me. I've since gone to the next degree in law and hoepfully am in line for academic positions. I've gotten more teaching experience in an international program than I even would have expected. It is really great. Being abroad also challenges my patients and openmindedness. It's truly a dynamic that ever professor should have to endure before stepping into a class room. Look at me, I had my sights set on teaching professional students and I'm teaching a 14 yo and loving it :)

I need to get ready to go. I hope that everyone had a good day. I know that some of you had very special days yesterday :) Shouts out to Megan who got a text from a crush ... awww ... to have a crush >:) That, is for another post. hugs to all


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