Thursday, January 20, 2005

They really read :)

Okay, so I was fishing, just a little yesterday. I DO have readers!

We have our big exam today. I've been reallynonchalant about the whole thing. We studied the inner workings of arbitration all term, and then they tell us to go on break before the exam. Who ever thought THAT was a good idea needs to to have their head examined. Instead of studying and probably over studying, I've decided to take the confidence approach: know what you know, apply it the best you can, make your other arguments logical. I feel like so much of it is textual, but I really seem to 'see' the nuances in a completely different way than my friends and peers. Yes, that's right, I'm THAT student who asks the questions in class and people are like,"dude, what crack pipe did HE pick up last night ..."

Writing this semester. We are just supposed to write all semester, but there are hints about the fact that the professors want to give lectures and seminars. No offense, but I was at your whim last term, and it was NOT pleasant. On tues. I was so grouchy I swear I verged on pre-malenstration syndrome. Thoughts kept coming to me about getting emails requiring our 'attendance' in classes. I drafted fantasy letters all day. My head was just full of them. So much so I called my loan company, and wrote the Maryland Bar a letter, not nasty, just formal and demanding. I think part of my problem is that I job searched on tues ... it is not pretty. It is wierd how quickly I can turn out materials once I really put my mind to it, though. I covered about 120 jobs. Justified my inability to apply to each. Guaged my unqualified nature against their requirements, disimissing each in turn. Oh well, something will come up.

My parents parents seem to think I missed my calling. I really want to become a teaching/professor. Originally I wanted to a Pediatrician. I'd have been badass, kids love me. Now I'm doing higher level degrees and I really am not sure what I want to do, so I'm trying to stick to my roots, since I wanted to teach as an alternative to med school but was vehemently told 'no' by family. Accordingly, my parents are latching on to something completely different: cooking. Of course, those of us who like to eat, can cook. It's an inherent necessity fueled by our inner most desires and drives. Hmm, 20 minutes on research or 20 minutes making flourless brownies ... hmm ... tough choice. Anyways, I've always a knack for tastes and recipes, probably as a throwback to my years in the lab in undergrad. Who knows, maybe I will end up doing something like Roberta Donna (Galileo, Laboratorio in DC) and become a famous chef who teaches. Really, I'd want to get just good enough to go on Iron Chef >:) lol, so much fun.

Sending as always,

my best,


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