Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Pet Moments

Pets. They train us; they entertain us, but more than anything, they hold a special place in our hearts. I was just recalling pet-moments on my sister's blog. I thought I'd put a few on here:

Pringles, the Cat. Even the way she got her name was humorous. My great Aunt gave the stray tabby kitten to my mom. (This was BC, before children) Mom put the youngling out in the garage for the night. The damn cat got in the garbage and started rummaging around. The parents went into the garage to see what the hell was going on. The Cat got her head stuck in a can of pringles potato chips and was trying her damnedest to get it off ... other than that Pringles was really unpleasant, and did not like kids ... she did like my mom though.

JoJo, the black lab. You hear a bunch of stories from your parents when you grow up with animals, but jojo I remember pretty clearly. She was pretty big, and she'd lick anything. She was constantly licking. She also liked to swim in the pool. A dog has really sharp claws when they are swimming, for those who have not had the experience, it is quite unpleasant. I think it's because there is nothing for them to grip onto. In the pool we also had a margarita bench. You could sit on the bench underwater, and your upper body stuck out enough for you to drink etc. Jojo used to sit on the bench. The water came right up to her nostrils, so she'd hold her head up a little and let her ears float on the water. It was funny :)

Molly, the brittany spaniel. This dog was terrible. Always chewing up the pool equipment and pissing my dad off. Funny thing was, I think she loved him more than anyone. She definitely had this preconceived idea of packing-order within the family. Dad beat her when she was insolent, so he was first. Mom fed her, so she was second. I don't know why she liked me, but she did. R on the otherhand, was clearly beneath Molly in her little dog mind. Molly would nip at R when she walked by and stuff. I mean, to the point where R was afraid to go by her sometimes. Molly got her real good in the ass one time. Molly had a great counterparty though ...

TC, the siamese cat. This is the strangest cat we had, er, well okay he's up there. Then again, we've had pretty outthere animals . He used to stand on his hind legs when he wanted to be picked up, and then he'd squeek if you squeezed him. Mom was always afraid he'd run away so she had the vet put these stupid rubber claw covers on him. He was seriously tortured, but he loved us anyways. He used to catch wildlife and make offerings to his family. One morning I woke up to him jumping onto the bed. A ton of bricks, you all know what I mean, cats are light, but they make themselves known when they want. Then I felt something else on the bed, and looked down to see a sparrow, laying there stunned. Of course, this didn't last. The damn fowl woke up and started flying around the room. I loved TC and all, but that kinda stuff is pretty traumatic. He did the same thing to my mom midafternoon one time while she was at the computer. Dropped a bird right in her lap. It started flapping and she screamed. Apparently, she tried to get up so fast she bruised the tops of her knees on the computer table ... it's not funny ... really ;)

Sweet Pea, svensk bonde katten. By far the worst cat we ever had. She was the runt, and had major problems. We do have a really really cute picture of her on my back though back when we were in stockholm the first time. I guess she was just broken, but she did have some pretty funny habits. The best though, was whenever you'd call her sweet pea, she'd hiss and physically assault you. Mom used to love to do it when R or I were in the room so the damn cat would get confused and attack us.

of course there are IZZY and Mr. Bigglesworth, but I'll leave them for another time.

As always

Yours fondly,


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