Thursday, October 07, 2004

Failure in Dating?

As usual, I'm using this to gripe. Last weekend I had three first-date-or-whatevers. Basically, just meeting people, but date has taken on such a voluminous meaning it's hard to decide what to call them nowadays. Unfortunately, I'm starting to think all three were total flops. One was a total flop. At least.

Date 1: S. This was a lovely date, after we got passed the,"where the fuck are you?" problems. We just hadn't planned out the meeting well enough. Anyways, I think we were mutually attracted, at least superficially since that is how those first meetings run - it's all or nothing. We went for coffee. My date was quite a bit younger, iranian-swedish and in the military. Very attractive. In any case, we talked video games, anime, movies and family. Then we moved into stuff we do with friends and travelling etc. It was nice. We both had to go home for dinner with the family. All in all a great date. The problem came on Sunday when I was supposed to go out again and meet my date's friends. I was supposed to get up early on monday (we've really had the WORST week, see the other blog) and I was, in truth, exhausted. Of course my date understood and said we'd talk later, meaning this weekend since the military forbids mid-week internet and cellphone use. I've yet to hear anything ...

Date 2: A. OMG, this was one terrible date. We met up to fika on Gamla Stan. What happened though, was that I recognized my date immediately, not from coincidence to picture-likeness but more for the stark variance. I could instantly see how the pictures created a second persona for this person. Anyways, I was not impressed to say the least. MORE important, as superficial as the first analysis sounds, is that the person (1) had trouble talking with me and (2) shared few or no interests of mine. I'm a good conversationalist, but let me tell you, this was absolutely terrible. We ended up not going for fika, but walking around instead. Granted this probably hindered me getting to know my date, but quite frankly I've made no bones about being able to decide if I want to see someone again in the first 10 minutes after meeting. Suffice to say, we won't meet again given any choice of mine.

Date 3: St. We met at the train station. My date was a german flight attendant, and DROP DEAD cute. I decided I liked my date in the first three minutes because we immediately started talking about family. The conversation had a quid pro quo quality a kin to familiar conversations, so we both opened up pretty quickly. Family, ex's, traveling, and friends monopolized the topics of conversation. We fikade for 3 hours (of course having excellent cakes and coffee). After we took a quick tour of down town, seeing the sites with my running commentary -- "We're walking, We're walking. And we stop ... you'll note here ..." :) It was a nice date, but I had, again, promised to be home for dinner. 5 hour date is nice though. We've been in touch via email and sms, but I don't know if my date will come back :( We'll hope though, I had a good time.

So, it turns out that each date semi flopped. The first I have to wait and see. The second is a definitely no-go. The third is a traveller so it may never happen again. It was nice, but I sometimes hate fleeting dates. I think it was time well spent though.

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