Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Working it Out

Even after my pouting episode this morning, I ended up at the gym about midday. I DID have to miss lunch as a result, but I made up for it around dinner time. I swear I ate half a meatloaf. Was tastig eller smakade bra. I've tried to post on the other blog but it's just not working :(

I went and did legs today. Amazingly it was PACKED. I mean wall to wall filled, even at 2 pm. What are these people thinking?! They must never work. I think I can sum-up swedish male society though: They were metrosexual before it was popular and they have to have invented flex time, because they are total masters of it. I bet that the average swede (not N) puts in 35 hours a week, tops.

Damn , I need to get a job here ...

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