Monday, October 11, 2004

Fruits of the Weekend

As many of you know, I do this crazy diet thing. It works for me, mostly because I combine this and that with exercise and a cheat day. The worst part of it is when I 'cheat' over the course of a week.

Last week I was terrible. I ate sandwiches almost everyday. It was fine until friday, when I spent all night hanging out with M in a sandwich shop where he works. I had several deserts, well, pieces parts at least. So I was bad from about friday 5 pm on.

On saturday when I woke up I had a headache and I didn't feel so well. I was tired for a good part of the day. Then I went to sandqich shop again with C. We had good food, including sanwich and a desert. That evening we went to the movies and had popcorn and candy ... it was NOT at good weekend for my diet.

Anyways, Sunday looked about the same, kebab with frits, ginger bread, etc. I woke up this morning and I have a raging haedache, I feel tired, and I think I've gained weight -- and not the good kind. I think I will be good about my diet this week.

I HAVE, however, increased my cardio. N, D's fiancee, took me to boxercise which totally kicked my ass. I thought I'd never catch my breath. It came back about 4 pm yesterday (3 hours after class). I think it's good for me. Makes me think I need to step up my during-the-week cardio a bit. This class was pretty intense. I doubt that N felt it though, he seemed pretty energetic even at the end. I, on the other hand, feel like Bridget Jones: Fat and alone, half eaten by wild dogs. I expected my midsection and shoulders to hurt, but in fact my legs are bothering me the most. I wonder if N even feels it today ...

On an up note, I am meeting someone today. I'm actually pretty excited about it, we will have to see how it goes though. Usually if I get excited about a date it does not turn out well. We will see though. It's an aussie who teaches in the area. Seems like it could be a good connection, but when asked what I was interested in when meeting, I said friends you know casual stuff. I really wanted to say, Casual dating and possible relationship ... But I didn't. Like I said, this setup is attractive to me for some reason, and I keep going through the, "don't fuck this up" thoughts. To revert though, could it be that I am not ready for a relationship, because I can't even relate the thoughts to a complete stranger?


ps R should call me, I've not talked with her in forever.

pss I will call R if she does not call me. *hugs*

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