Sunday, October 10, 2004

Uneventful Weekend, or was it

This weekend initially impacted me as uneventful. It's sunday, and I'm thinking what the hell have I done? I've avoided some things, while trying new things. Do you ever feel like you are in an absurd comedy? You do stuff, but nothing really happens?

The Uneventful. I definitely avoided work all weekend. C and I need to study for our swedish exam. I need to work on my response to the motion to dismiss for class. Have a talked about or instigated any measures to further these projects. HELLS no. I can already see this week dragging a bit. BORING.

The Eventful. C took me shopping. I've needed going out, casual type wear. We hit the big H&M on HAmngatan and went crazy. The shirts here are great because they actually fit through the body instead of being frumpy like ol-dman-wear you get in the STates unless you buy Donna Karan or something. So I procured two sweaters, shirts and a scarf. I looked at jeans, but to be perfectly honest, I'm not built for swedish jeans -- my legs are thick, my crotch doesnt' fill it out enough, and the waist lines are wierd. I spent 8 hours with friends outside of school. I decided I don't want to have much of anything to do with the aforementioned-date-to-be who called after having my digits for a week. I've severely broken diet, the point I will have to cut carbs this coming week. We saw Supersize Me -- some scary shit. You don't really have to go see it, just no more fast food ... like ever. I'd rather go to cafe anyways. I've showered at least 6 times ... always an event :) I'm going to try to join N, D's fiancee, for Boxercise this morning.


~So Desu Ne

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