Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Week from Hell

Den Dalig Veckan. Vag ska man gora?

I thought swedish was an appropriate start-off to this posting. My 'week from hell' started, more or less, last monday. On Monday, during lecture, I ratted out my entire mock arb team because no one had really done any work except me. Later we met with the Counsel for the First time. Weds got worse, in some senses. By friday I was uberswamped. I even spent a goodly portion of the weekend i biblioteket eller korridoren. Today it all came to fruition, as things 'tone down' for the week. Following is a description of the daily events. Unfortunately, I am not sure there is a positive spin to take on all this. We'll hope anyways ...

MONDAY, October 11. *Law and Order Noise* I enter class after debating all weekend about group project stuffs. I am in a group with three others. I did my work the tuesday before. The course required submission of a final project by Friday, October 9. This didn't happen. On Monday the professor asks me, since I am the only one in my group with a backbone and present in class, what the hell was going on. It took me about two seconds to realize that honesty was about to take me much further than skirting the issue. "I prepared my portion, but have yet to receive anything final from my group. While I do not mind doing their work, I feel that it cheats them and the other parties who worked hard on this project." The professor, of course, recognized a one-man team and made attempts to remedy the situation. We were, of course, supposed to meet Tues. to argue the final project as a moot. This also did not happen. I did, however, have a series of conversations with people in the class expressing their distaste for my honesty and bald statements. I, now, think it was the EXACT thing to do.

TUESDAY, October 12. *Law and Order Noise* We had no meeting to moot, since there was no mootable materials. Instead my group met. The original plan: to work on the arguments Monday night in order to prepare a final document Tuesday. We set 10 am as a meeting time. J was the only other person to show at 10. J also had arguments prepared. WE reviewed both of our arguments until 10:30. By that time we'd perfected, as much as possible, my arguments. The other members arrived at or about 10:48. Fuckers. Moreover, they did not write out their arguments or have cases before hand. Mother Fuckers. Additionally, they were particularly odiforous and wanted J and I to help them create arguments. We finished J's arguments. About 11:30 I told everyone to go write arguments and to meet up again in an hour with cases etc. At 12:45 I returned to the room. Still no writing of arguments for the other two. God damned, wanker, mother fuckers. J and I subsequently left them to their devises and set their final due-time for 5 pm. At or about 5pm I recieved all documents. Without editing I added them to a document and submitted without revision. The Deal was done.

WEDNESDAY, October 13. This day was relatively uneventful. We had a counsel meeting with the class. It reminded me of a mediation. I ran a majority of the meeting. There was lots of rewording and making sure people were comfortable talking and expressing themselves. I went to talk with Professor afterwards. Apparently this was not permitted as I was on a specific subcomittee to speak with the Professor. I'll address this later on ...

THURSDAY, October 14. More crapola. I was supposed to meet with my subcomittee to discuss the official meeting with Professor. They never emailed ... hmm.

FRIDAY, October 15. Vis Competition Meeting. This was interesting. Professor decides we need a competition to decide who gets to compete later. This is bullshit. I hate mooting. Why the FUCK and I doing this ... no, really ... why the FUCK am I doing it? Anyways. She sets a memo for Weds (october 20) and more mooting on Friday (october 22). We had not even seen the question yet, the facts or anything. What was I thinking doing this ...

SATURDAY, October 16. I get up around 7. I read the crap for the Vis Competition. Then, I head to school. I stay at school for 6 hours, going over all of the Vis stuff and the reading for the week. I keep thinking to myself. DAMN it's getting dark early, and what the fuck am I doing this for. I come home and re-read some of my Vis materials (8 hours total now). I go to bed early.

SUNDAY, October 17. CHEAT DAY. I get up and have brownies with ice cream. Then, I go to the gym. I kebab, early, with Dad. After that I go to school for 4 hours. When I get back I'm so fried I don't know what to do. I sit and think about nothing for about 45 minutes.

MONDAY, October 18. Class, then Vis class for oral argument and writing. Great. They tell us the same stuff all the time: Write well, if you can't write well, argue well. Dont' repeat yourself. Don't repeat yourself. Um ... hello! I realize my subcomittee was supposed to email me over the weekend to setup a meeting. DS, on the Counsel but not subcomittee, expresses that he is really upset that I have spoken with Professor without the subcommittee. Apparently this is a big issue. I tried, to no avail, to express that I only spoke with Professor about things that did not concern the class or things discussed in the Meeting last Weds. OMG, he gets all ape shit and is like, no you can't do that. Whatever, I spoke with her in my individual capacity. I debate resigning from the Counsel, this is bullshit. No, wait, I should resign from the subcommittee, that would be closer to solving the issue.

TUESDAY, October 19. Mock Mooting. The other team was really well prepared. I guess having an extra 2 weeks to practice helps. I was so nervous because the wording for the claims are pretty exact. Problem is, when you get nervous, you suck. I do at least. I'm reminded how much I hate mooting. I spend the afternoon napping and in the bathroom. Nerves tend to hit my stomach, and being in the bathroom keeps the Rents away from me so I get some down time. I didn't really touch my Vis materials and debate dropping out.

WEDNESDAY, October 20. I get up and go to gym. I have a protein shake and leave for school. Of course I forgot my snack, so I had no food. I set a limit from 10:30 - 2 to find enough arguments to make a paper to turn in by Midnight. Damn it, 2 pm rolls around and I JUST got enough to make an argument. I hate mooting. I put together a crap brief. It's due tonight at midnight, and it's no where near ready. Fuck it, it's going in as is. What sucks is that the more I think about one of my arguments, the more I really like it ... I'm sick. Why am I doing this again?


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