Friday, February 11, 2005


Considering the time of year, and the newness of the semester, many would guess that this is a post about school reading. They would be wrong. My mom just got back from London, bearing the next few books in a fantasy series I'm reading. I am absolutely devouring the pages. I read for three hours straight. Though, I'm really starting to feel that it wasn't such a good idea to read so long without a break.

My mom thought I was sleeping. I've been harassed three times since emerging from my room. I, apparently, am grouchy. Probably due to the fact that I took asylum in my room from the noise in the common areas. What do you expect, when you've two grown ups shouting about stupid shit. Do your stuff, let the other see it, revamp etc. None of this continuous yelling and raising of voices. It really gets old, and then they wonder why I'm cranky? I guess it was more at the accusation, "Well, how long did YOU sleep, you aren't going to get any sleep tonight." Hmm, my internal response was DIE MOTHAH PHUCKAHS, but of course I retorted with my best,"No, actually, I was reading." There was more, but I won't bore you with it here.

C and I went for a walk. C and I went walking to the Gamla Stan today. So much fun. The day was absolutely beautiful, maybe 10 and sunny, clear skies. We are purusing different photo spots and taking in as much sun as we can get when we head towards Gamla Stan. We diverged from our normal path, and went onto the lower part of the island containing the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament). It was total craziness. I mean, really really cool. We took lots of pictures.

There were guys surfing in the channel. No joke. Wet suits, kneeboards and strategically placed flags over the water. REally uber cool actually that these guys did this. On the bridge from Stockholm to the Riksdag people secured a line with a handle on the end. The lower part, where C and I were, was the entry point for the surfers. They would thrust themselves into the moving water (REALLY moving fast from all the snow meltage), and jimmy their way across to the center of the wake. C got several pictures before the guy's arms gave out, it was truly amazing to watch. Damn swedes, they can take any kind of cold craziness! All in all it was a good day.

Sending my best,


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