Thursday, February 10, 2005

Productively Unproductive

So what else is new? I've to ask you, because I've been neglecting all my 'new' things and just moving right into the same old stuff. It's strage, you'd think I have a thesis to write, things to research, jobs to find etc. So not happening. not today at least.

I got up this morning. With the premise of being productive I hauled my ass out of bed. I stumbled into the bathroom, did business and willed my sleep ladden limbs into the living room. Dad, cheerful even when dying of a cold, asked me in his best trying-to-be-healthy-voice how I'd slept. I grunt, usually a sign of good sleep. He mumbled something about having to get ready for work early, and how he just wasn't feeling like it.

I immediately offered to make eggs. He was like, dude, totally. Well, not really, but you know how dads can be. They mean to say dude, totally, but they are usually like, "yeah that would be great." So I made uber good cheesy eggs. He seemed to enjoy them, so that is what really counts. I vaguely remember suggesting eggs for breakfast last night, but I can't remember. Maybe THAT's why I got up this morning ...

He did, in fact, leave early. I moped around for a bit, then played some Kingdom of Loathing. If you've never played PLEASE give it a whirl. it is dry, satyrical, and just uber fun. They limit your turns so you can't get too obsessed. Though, I ended up playing for over 4 hours this morning ... believe me ... it is easy to do when you've things to get done. It was truly a morning well spent, except that it cut severely into my research and writing time.

I had lunch. I turned on Bridget Jone's Diary that I had not finished last night as I tried to go to sleep. It was pretty noneventful. I nuked some svensk kottbullar and added on a fun salad. Bridget still gets the shaft, all terms implied and purposeful :), from Daniel Cleaver. You know, that never changes, every time I watch, it's the same thing. But, alas, I watch anyways. I checked email a few times before turning bridget off. I still have trouble getting all the way through the movie unless I'm napping or studying.

I did some work. I opened my file. It sat there. I sat there. We didn't have a synergetic moment for an hour or more. After about my third glass of water I figured one of us had to initiate. After a few key strokes though, we were really moving. A whole page in 25 minutes, just think what kind of damage I could do if I actually FOCUSED for an hour or so. Then it was time for water again. I think my file has declared me irretrievably broken, because we got nothing done for the next hour. I hmphed, and it autosaved, in concert ever 5 minutes or so. That's about as far as we got. Fun, I guess, but just not how I wanted to spend my afternoon.

C and I went to see Ray. C called and gently reminded me where the theater was -- hint hint, dumb ass you haven't called me and it's over near Roadmansgatan. good excuse to stop working :) Ray was phenomenal btw. I highly recommend it. I cried 8 times. Maybe more. However wrote the family portions of the movie did a fantastic job! Not to mention that using flashbacks allows you to develop attachment to the character, then you realize how terrible some of things in their life was. Omg, bawling at one point. I really thought I'd loose it and start the heavy breathing in, raspy, heaving sobs. Luckily the damn thing ended pretty quick after that. good movie though. Take tissue.

I got home and made dinner. Like always I got all domesticus when I got home. I entered the usual routine: put something on, dinner is at 8. See, in our family, we revolve (not by my choice) around the TV. Simpsons come on at 8, Family Guy at 8:30. hence, we plan dinner accordingly. We had two hour chicken with herbs and spinach on the side. Uber tastig. Then I futz around and played some gameboy. Now I'm here :) Hmm, a day productively avoiding productivity. I should find a way to market and sell this ... A 12 step program to productive nonproductivity, if you actually finish the program you've failed! lol

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