Saturday, January 29, 2005

Week of Change

I retitled this post 3 or 4 times. It was a toss up between change and disappointment, but I really don't have that much to be disappointed about. I'm done with exams, I'm starting into a new term, it's getting lighter out, and staying lighter longer. What is there possibly to complain about?!

I've started pleasure writing. It's, um, pleasurable? And NO it's not THAT kind of writing, or pleasure. Maybe I should have called it leisure writing :) I am having a good time with it. I started off forwarding manuscriptage to my sister daily, but I've now moved into just sending it out every few days. I think it will be better that way. I'm trying to get about 2 pages a day to paper. So far, 5 days, so you do the maths ...

Someone claimed that Einstein was voted the more important/smartest man of the century. As much as I like to think my fellow humans are apt, and could choose the smartest man, I'm not convinced Einstein was the One. Let's consider the 1900's for a few seconds, in topic form for brevity: (1) public health comes to fruition, (2) vaccines become mainstream, (3) antibiotics, (4) DNA and cellular structure, (5) Plastic, (6) Rubber, (7) microwaves, (8) theories of light, (9) micro chip, (10) microprecessor, (11) crop engineering, (12) assembly line production, (13) asbestos, (14) human rights, (15) modern theory of economics, (16) electricity mainstreamed ...
Einstein was a smart cookie, but there is no way you can discount one discovery over another, because their interplay allows each to stand alone. Without public health it is marginal whether half the world would still be here ... without antibiotics we'd be lucky to be living in tribes again. Just a thought. I think it was uncouthe to give one man an award not possible without the others.

We started back to school this week. It was interesting. I was expecting our professor to learn from the mistakes of being vague and unorganized last term, so you can imagine my disappointment with the term starting without a time table and a lecture on choosing a thesis topic consisting of "That's too vague, you need to narrow it." Um okay, maybe you if you actually PRESENTED some information on how to search a topic, how to narrow and how to avoid vagueness that would be helpful. Otherwise, you set up a straw man you tear down. It does not build the confidences of a class already weary with disillusion from last semester.

I went to see Team America. OMG, so disappointed. I'm sure in an american context it would br quite funny, but damn was it crass and inappropriate. At least SouthPark is funny while being offensive. Whatever, maybe their next movie will be better. At least Alec Baldwin dies in every movie they've made so far :)

Sending my best


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