Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Nada Finga

ACK, so I've been writing. It's been going okay so far, but damn does it take a long time. I don't mean academic writing either. Well, unless you are a fiction PhD or something, then it is academic. I definitely have a new respect for some of the mroe prolific fantasy authors. Though, I can imagine that once you are really able to devote yourself to the project it comes much easier.

I keep sending stuff to my sister. I mean, it's really the same thing over and over again. She's still sick though, so it really hard for her to sit down and give good feedback. I need to acknowledge that I understand that, but sometimes just getting SOME feed back really helps. Even if it is just, dude, fix this character or what about this side of the story. She has trouble keeping a train of thought, so her comments will probably resemble my writing -- all over the place. I guess my mind is truly nonconforming. I just write better when I can skip to different sections and type up a bunch of free flowing ideas. It's very stream of consciousness-esque.

Valentines day is CRAPOLA. I've never thought it was a big deal. I made a total mistake when I dated J because I totally didn't think about it. We were not 'coupled' in the traditional sense, so I was out with friends doing shots like a single person. Okay, let's be frank, everyone should be able to do shots on valentines day. It really was great. Coming home to J was not so great. There'd be plans for a really nice dinner, candles all over the place, a bath, and southpark. I was stunned, and drunk. You can imagine my response. Wow, I'm soooo sssorrrry. It didn't go so well. It was, also, the first valentines J spent alone. Definitely double whammy. In any event I plan on not celebrating as usual. Maybe I'll start a valentines nonvalentines tradition. Though I could never take full credit for it -- there are definitely people who had the idea WAY before me. I'd like to secretly think I came up with it though.

Mardi Gras is gay everywhere but New Orleans? Apparently. D was telling me that mardi gras in london is like pride. Wow, I thought, that makes anti sense: Mardi Gras = bunch of catholics binging before they give up stuff. And now it's a gay thing? Um, did I miss something. The catholic church is not a big fan of Family, so how did these two cross cultures mingle? The farse is apparently a world wide tradition for gay pride. D told me it had something to do with all the dressing up. I just figured it must have been shiny things and a chance to dance and get wasted. Sounds like all the other circuits I've ever heard of, just with more wigs and body painting.

Next Year and beyond. I've really started to consider applying for an advanced degree here in Stockholm. I really like it here. The city is sweet, but the people leave a little to be desired. I have a good friend base, and I like the university. I've the department head who would be my advisor, so I think it all looks good. The only problem is that it is SOOO competitive. It is like a 1 in 10 admission rate. That just scares me. That and you have to write out a four year research proposal in 10 pages. omg. I'm already tense just thinking about it. BUT the program is only four years, gives a hefty stipend, and allows me to teach. What more could you want?!!?!?

My hair is finally long enough. I can FINALLY Consider cutting my hair. I am really itching to get rid of it at this point. I SO love having it, I've, let's be honest, nice hair. It is curly and wavy in a fun way, and pretty soft. It's a lovely red/brown color, and it keeps my ears warm. I am still going to hack it off. I am trying to work it out so I can get it cut and mailed from here. It just may cost me stuff. I think everyone should consider doing it though. It really is worth it. Check it out:

I'm signing off, hope everyone is doing well!


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