Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Field of Dreams

I would not have watched this of my own accord, but damn it, my mom was watching it and I got caught up in it like always. I LOVE the "people will come Ray" scene.

James Earl Jones makes the speech. Then we are all, dude, Ray keep the farm, people will come. And Annie's brother is trying to get Ray to sell over the farm.

The fight ensues. This is when Ray's daughter stops breathing and Graham has to leave the field to save her life (he becomes the doctor). He gave up his dream without even thinking about it because she was in trouble, seemingly his true calling. I bawl, of course. I am a big believer in romanticism and self sacrifice I guess. Then all the ball players thank the Doc and tell him they will miss him.

Shoeless Joe shouts, "Rookie ... you were good." More crying. So not only was the dude 'good' but he gave up his dream for others FOR A SECOND TIME. Though, Ray did give him the first opportunity to play in the majors.

Then Terrance Mann gets the invite. SO Ray gets all pissed off because Terrance Mann gets to see what's out in the field, and he starts asking why. Why did I plow under my crops? Why did I sacrifice my time and jeopardize my family? "You are guests in my corn!" "Is that why you did it, because of You, Ray?" "If you build it "he" will come ... ease his pain ... " Seriously, I'm outta control.

I dunno, while there is a bunch of selfish reasons to do thing, I like to think that doing something selflessly will benefit people by default. There is always some good to come around whether karmic or otherwise. I helped a student in my class with research today and ended up getting more stuff for myself on accident. Maybe we should do more nice things and see if you get results you didn't expect ... just a thought :)


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