Tuesday, February 22, 2005

felt up

As some of you may gather, I go to the gym. Not on the level of obsession, just consistently. You might even say religiously. I'm pretty devoted, I even do the peculiar diet things. Asks my friends, they can all tell you :) It's strange though, because I've an incredibly normal body - no 6 pack, no 18 inch guns, no man boobs, I don't even have the proper tell tell veins on my arms. In any event, the gym-going brought some unwanted attention last night at a class social.

I was speaking with RA from my class, catching up since he'd been out of the country, and we started talking about the gym. One of my classmates chimed in, remarking on my 'profile'. It was a nice compliment, which I took in the usual, awkward way. I was in a tee shirt and jeans mind you, so it's not like I was trying to show off physiqueage.

Then came the inadvertent feeling up. It started off innocently enough. "Look at the line here, and how it looks if you see it from the side." Finger tracing a line across my chest with the other hand rotating me by the shoulder. Attention is nice, but I really felt like a piece of meat as several of my classmates watched, silently, musing and trying to understand what my inebriated classmate was getting at. A few more imaginary lines and I smoothly changed the subject to lifting and sports generally.

Purposeful groping/feeling. Sooooo a Battery, though I received no harm, the touching was decidely unwanted. My classmate's hand was feeling my arm, asking me to flex. I, of course, tried to free my limb, to no avail. I guess the motion of removal caused it to tense, because the classmate persisted. I flexed and it was a done deal, i still felt a bit dirty, and I'm sure the resulting blush could light the Mines of Moria.

I should be thankful it wasn't my chest I guess :) I was just a little drunk, so I didn't really think about it much at the time. It did bother me a bit today though. Hopefully it won't happen again.


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