Sunday, February 20, 2005

Thesis - love or hate?

C and D must hate me. C has a mountain of research, working diligently towards a list of endless footnotes. She will tackle the pre-beast before writing. It's such a smart thing to do, because I've written, and written, but I have um, anti-footnotes. I do have 10 pages of writing. I just have no citations yet.

I figured I'd post this to make C feel better. C has what I feel is the hardest part underway -- organizing your references. I, on the other hand, have all this writing with nothing to put to it. I wonder how far along I would be if I actually went through and did my footnoting as I went along ... then again, I can speculate till the cows come home, but it does me no good. In any case, kudos to C for doing the hard stuff first. See, for me the construction is pretty easy, it's finding other people who agree, or disagree, that kills me.

My professor asked for an outline with references. Oh, references abound, let me tell you, but I don't think he will be very pleased with the conformity of my submission on monday to his request. I think if I worked on my thesis for the rest of the day I'd not be able to complete all the references. I've a 5" research binder almost full ... speaking of which, I need to print more stuff. How frustrating is that?! Anyways, I wanted to take a break, and, of course, I chose to write some more. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just tard-o-licious. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Sending my best,


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