Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Site Meters ...

A site meter is really the coolest thing. I just put mine on this weekend, and it's like I can't stop watching. I am 'opening' my stats for a few days -- at least the website says you can do it. Scroll down to the bottom of the page under the main column, I think it says site meter or something. I have set it up, I hope, so that a click will take you to my charts etc.

The program I use is FREE. If you pay for it you get more stuff, but it gives me MOST of the cool stuff for free. C uses it and I think she pays for the search stuff. Apparently she gets tons of dirty searches referring to her page. Is wierd, it's pretty clean, except for the occasional 'boob' or 'male bits'. That's right, I said boobs. Ha, it is really tempting to look at the searches for a month though and see what they are like!

Cool charts of ... stuffs. Go see what I mean by clicking on it. My favorites are the time zones and organizations. Thanks to Simon Japan gets a 3% portion daily. Megan helps balance the swedish contingent, and the Auzzie/Franc contingent. India gets a few hits a day, then I get really cool hits from Brazil (I think, mostly portugues cites, I fumble through, but my portugues stops at about carnes and obrigado) and a ton of hits from my fun american/canadian friends back home. Who do not blog btw ... hint hint ... oh, except my sister. So I see all of this on the fun charts.

Operating systems and firewalls. It is que obvio when people are behind a firewall, I think I may have some readers in China, which would rock, because they show up as unavailable or "IP". Firewalls are cool like that. I can also tell who is running linux or Mac which is cool. I only know one person, Andysan, who runs a mac, so either he is checking my site 84329750892305 times a day, or there are other mac users.

Maybe I'm uber dorky? I have no clue if this interests anyone else. If you've crazy stories about a site meter post them :) They'd be alot of fun. I'm off to start working.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. It's been snowing here for the last 11 hours. It's beautiful, but COLD. That is unusual. If it snows, typically, it is warm. Now it's like -8 :( Jatte inte bra.

Kram (hug)


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