Saturday, February 26, 2005

snow types

I woke up to snow this morning. Not so unusual for sweden. It's beautiful today, like down. Nice, big, fat flakes and almost no driving breeze so that hang lazily in the chill morning air. It's nice. It also got me thinkin about how much ugly snow we've had the last few days.

Fat snow. This is my favorite. It tends to be a little 'wet' but other than that it's really cool looking. It gives good ground cover. If we get the nice flakes like that it is usually pertty warm out. I like it when it falls in sheets and an updraft emanating from the buildings makes the snow move back up again. When it comes down real fast you can see the circulating eddies and air currents.

pissy snow. This is that tiny, sandy, dry snow. It gets in your eyes when you are walking even when there is no wind. I really hate it. So you walk with your head down and blink a lot. I imagine it is like a windy day in the desert. I don't know why but the thought of it makes me feel dirty.

Snain. Snow and rain. So not pleasant. It makes the existing snow turn to mush, festering with the street dirt to create an ultrastaining concoction. Of course later it turns to ice, which is always fun. I've seen at least 6 people eat it this week. Sucks I hope that the ice goes away soon.


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