Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Kyckling revisited

I know I promised C would never edit what I wrote, but let's be honest for 5 seconds. What the fuck was I on yesterday when I wrote that post. I used 'thought' about 2183497120347 times. 'I usually run it in the over...' wtf? I want to leave said post for the purpose of demonstrating my brain farts. I think I may have written that after a nap yesterday, which would explain so much ... namely why the hell I wrote about kyckling in the first place.

The truth about kyckling. (1) they have good spices on them, called kycklingkrydda (literally, chicken spice/seasoning) (2) the birds do not take in three tons of hormones before the slaughter, so they remain (3) small, and (4) really tasty, perfect for (5) a lazy ass who doesn't want to actually prepare a meal or dirty dishes, since you can make it on foil in the oven. Foil in oven, foil to plate, eat, roll remains in foil and discard (hopefully in garbage). If they only had these in college ...

Btw I am a master of chicken anatomical features, at least in terms of musculature. I can take a chicken to clean bone in about 3 minutes. This helps me avoid the smaller bones around the spine and joints ... believe me I'f run into them before, and it was not pretty.

I hope this post was better, because, quite frankly, I have no clue what I was on yesterday but DAMN ... I didn't even sign off.

have a good one


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