Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Patrons from Tonga

Okay, I must be one of the most internationally illiterate persons I know. I had to look up tonga, where it is, how many people there are etc. I am amazed, but someone from Tonga visited my blog :) I'm super psyched, but it bumped the Netherlands and even Japan out of the mid-rankings with just 2.5%, Japan with 2% and Netherlands with 1 %. Simon, I know you read dude, but 2%??!!?

This is why sitemeter is truly amazing. I can click on details, and it will tell me the nation or origin. Then I am all, where the HECK is tonga. I click on the link, and I get all kinds of detail, like maps and flags. It's so fun. Everyone should have sitemeter. I'm sure Megan freaks out b/c I check her blog a few times a day, but it's still fun to see where your readers are from.


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