Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Dating a Fat Person

After a discussion with a friends on aim, I decided to post something that goads me to no end. The statement: I would not date a fat person. It is unbelievable how people thing this is a harmless statement, but don't realize that those who used to be fat, or fight with it, really find this statement offensive. This post is very frank, and not for the feint of heart.

I used to be fat. my senior year in highschool I was about 5'9 210, maybe 215 on some days. I had terrible sense of self, having played soccer for 3 years in highschool, when I stopped I ballooned. I didn't know what to do, and the worst part was that I wore weight relatively well. Not a happy thing. Then you get to college and there aren't many people who even look at you 'the right way'. I was large enough that I wore my clothes a size too big. I was comfortable in a size 36w x 32 l jeans. Though, I've got to say, my personality won through several times ... those are for other posts though.

I trimmed down for the wrong reasons. About my senior year I started running and lifting light weights, swimming and just watching what I ate. I sawed through about 20 lbs and hovered around 180 for a while. I didn't look great. I had terrible stretch marks, and my body was just, I don't know, uncomfortable. I remember sweating alot. It was not a nice time, but I started losing weight because I started seeing someone who was fit. Let's just say this person 'encouraged' me to get in shape 'or else'. They'd deny it to the end today, but it's so the reason. And I bit, and I started to obsess, for all the wrong reasons. I didn't see very good results, either. I started lifting about a year later, nothing too serious until about two years ago. I was probably in a size 33 jeans, and I'd gone down to large shirts that still swallowed me when I put them on.

I still fight with my weight. Now I'm at about a 31w and I wear medium shirts. I tend to be pretty serious about going to lift and eating, but it's more for me. I adjust to tempuratures better, I am more comfortable, and I sleep well. I don't mind the eating either :) I hover between 165 - 175 depending on holidays, and it's decent. Looking at my family I know I will never have the model 6 pack, but I have other attributes, it's just getting an amalgum of my physical and mental stats that appeal to a large enough group of suitors. It's more for me now, but there is still that under current of, would I do this if people were happy dating fat people. I'm not sure I would ... but then again it's been such a life change for me, I'm not sure I could revert.

Be thoughtful of sweeping statements. They hurt sometimes more than you think.


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