Sunday, March 06, 2005

Light: the Return

I feel like I've released a long held breath, anticipating the lapse of winter's grasp the ultimate peronsification of darnkess and cold. The light returneth, vanquishing the unrelenting dark. It is really amazing. The sun is coming up around 5 now, and setting around 18:25 (6:25 pm). It is really wonderful, and something that everyone notices.

I got so excited the other day. I sent a text to several friends merely stating: "It's STILL light out!" I think I sent it off some time around 6 pm when I was down town doing something. It was just so amazing to me after festing in the perpetual darkness that was winter. At least it wasn't unbearably cold this year. I hope that doesn't mean we will have a cool summer :(

Summer Cometh. Be ye impressed, and tremble before the coming of Summer. It shall be light perpetual and drive people from the confines of their offices. Fountains will spray, renewed, in celebration of the spatters of people in stages of half-dress languishing in the sun; people, even the swedish, will smile. And all shall be tanned, and be outdoors until the setting of the sun each day. They shall take into themselves excessive drink, not for the reasons feared in winter, but in exclamation and revelry in the wonder that is Summer in Stockholm.

Okay, so maybe it is a little premature. It's still snowing off and on. The temperature hovers at 0, and the grey slush I track in evidences the last heavy snow mixed with road dirt and gravel. It will come in a flurry though ... no pun intended. Seriously, it will be all snowy and crappy. Then it will rain for 2 solid weeks and everything will turn green. Then sun ... the sun stays out until 9 or 10 in the summer ... it is SO nice. I am seriously looking forward to it :) As if you couldn't tell. We get beer gardens on the water and stuff ... I mean who can fight that ... seriously?!!?!?

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