Saturday, March 05, 2005


This is truly an uplifting day for me. I've been to the gym. I've eaten at least twice (if you count fun new protein shakes). I've been to the grocery to deck myself out for a party on monday. And now, best of all, I've been to the systembolaget -- state controlled liquor vendor. All alcohol in sweden over a light beer (latt ol) is controlled by the state (my apologies for the sentence, but I'm not supposed to change my writing).

Purchasing alcoholic goods. The interesting thing about the state controlled system is that some of the wines are actually cheaper here than they are in the place of origin. The state will pick one wine and promote it all year. They buy in such large quantity that the price actually drops. Go figure. This is so not true of anything else found in the store though ... which is sad. Oh well.

I picked up my goods. I purused the selection with care. I got the last bottle of 43 and DiSoronno. I topped it off with some miduri. If you couldn't tell I'm having a hard alcohol party. Everyone else will bring vodka, so I figure I'd have some stuff on hand to make tasty drinks. I've already malibu and baileys so I should be set. They had no Rose's Lime (use to make margaritas and key lime pie). Nor did they have a coctail kit or shot glasses. The Konsum (local grocery) actually stocks rose's lime though. Anyways, I get my crap and go to check out.

The carding incident. So I'm all ready to pay, the dude's tabulated my bill, which was suprisingly not bad. He asks me, in swedish, for some id. I looked at him with a completely blank face. Then I realized, omg he wants ID. I'd thought of this before I left the house, for some reason something told me to take it. I asked him if he meant my ID, in English, just to be sure. He said, 'Yes, I need to see ID, or passport or something, you look too young ..." Um, this guy is my age, I'd guess. It's still nice to get asked for ID, but I didn't think it would happen here in sweden, where they start drinking before they get into highschool. (No offense to swedish readers, but I was here then too ... and I know the drinking starts early).

All in a good day's work :) I got my booze, I got carded, and now I got to stock on glasses and stuff. Hope everyone's having a great weekend.


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