Friday, March 04, 2005

State of the Readers Report 1

I have to comment on this every now and then. It is really cool to see the different organizations and stuff that read my blog right now. The most interesting, to me, are the non general organizations. These tell me, generally, the location of the people reading. It's uber cool. And I thought you might like a small breakdown.

Of the major groupings, IP specific groups hold the largest percent. This is interesting. I figured .com would have the most, but, surprising to me, IP then .net hold the most ground. This is likely just american providers since other national provides do or or something.

Of the national groups, Sweden(.se) has the largest share. This doesn't surprise me. I've a few friends here who read this. Japan (.jp) holds 4%, while Tonga (.to) has 3%. The tonga stats are amazing since 100K people live in the islands total approximately four times the size of washington DC. Only about 58% of the population is over the age of 14. anyways, enough random factoids. Organization (.org) took 1% today from the persistent Netherlands(.nl) who also remained at 1%. Canada(.ca) recently joined this catoclismic calculus with 1% of the total.

Education (.edu) dropped off the tables. Since I started writing more, I've lost my academic audience. I wonder why that is?

I find the numbers really cool. You guys should really take a look at the blog's I've linked. They are fun :)

Have a good night


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