Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Gym Etiquette Revisited

Today is the first time I've run into swedish rudeness AT the gym. So far, the gym's been a very neutral ground, with several instances of people asking me about what exercises I'm doing and why etc. In any case, gyms are not a place for rudeness. In fact, some gyms ban rude members.

Today, however was different. I was doing triceps after my chest work out. Normal, on cables, doing some pushdowns and then light weight rope extensions. Some dude, dressed like the typically preppy swede comes over and starts to TAKE my bar. I had just stopped using it, and he starts to remove it!

I was like, dude! I said, "excuse me," *pause* "Ursakta,"(excuse me in swedish) *paus* "Forlat," (I'm sorry in swedish) *paus* "Pardon,"(excuse me in every other language) "Excuse ME!" (obnoxious american) *pause* By this time it's half off "I'm really not done with that," I puff out between reps. As I'm trying to finish up my set so he doesn't take my bar. He's like, "You need this one? ARe you sure?" I'm like, um, "Yeah, I need that one I'm almost done." "This one, the one that's now off the hook?" he retorts. I stop and look right at him, "Yes, that one, now put it back, I've one set and I'll be done. You can have it AFTER I'm finished."

He put is back, and then went to find another, similar bar. Can you believe it. I had to basically rebuke a 30 something yo guy for not playing nice in the sand box. I don't think he lifts there very often. I did notice one of the guys who is normally there watching. I wonder what would have happened if I'd have raised my voice ...


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