Saturday, March 12, 2005

Blatant Flirting: A gym story

It seems I've been very sensitive at the gym recently. Between noticing the different styles of gymizens and getting things stolen, it's been quite an experience. Today may be the culminating event.

Projecting neediness. I'm clearly projecting the need to be with someone. I think it's getting to be a problem since I inadvertently flirt with anything moving, particularly when I get drunk. I think that I'm taking it so far as to show even in the gym. Go figure, the one place I'm probably most focused.

The incident. I was doing some light back exercises. To get a really good pull you have to straighten your back, puff out chest etc. You get the picture. I'm not deliberately posturing, at least. I finish one of my sets and look up as I ease the weights down. This incredibly looking asian/swede is watching me. I figured she's looking at someone behind me. I continue to lift.

I got the 'look'. Oh, you know the one. I automatically adjusted my body as I stood up, before I realized that I must look like I'm sucking in and puffing out my chest. Ha. I deliberately slouch, and she's still looking. I look down to see if I've an enormous erection or something ... no, but I blush anyways. She smiles. In any case, I finish my set, trying to ignore the attention thinking she is staring into space or something between sets, and I'm just in her line of sight. I finish my set and she touches me lightly on the shoulder as she's passing by. "Oy, forlat." She says quietly as she passes by.

Strangeness, I finished my workout without further incident. I don't think I've seen her there before, but it was just odd. The gym's here are NEVER cruisy, so it was wierd to have the random encounter. I half expected to see her again during the workout, but I wasn't really looking either. Wierd.

I figure it's because I've been thinking about being in a relationship recently. perhaps I'm carrying it over to when I meet people or when I'm just casually hanging out. That's pretty scary, to think that I'm lifting and sending out signals that I want to find someone, even at the gym. Maybe that's the way to do it ... at least you know you'd have something in common ...

hope everyone had a good weekend


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