Friday, March 11, 2005

Next Year: Disappointments Abound

So this sucks. I've been planning to apply here and there, getting materials together, calling in favors for references etc. But, it's official. I've waited so long now that I have to put things off for an entire year. Except the Stockholm program (PhD studies).

Confusing websites. I've looked through several websites, but it is almost impossible to get the essentials from the websites: money, duration, when to apply. I'm serious, they are so vague that I spent 4 hours last night parcing out the different websites. I went to Nottingham, Queen Mary's and Hong Kong to try and put everything in perspective. Queen Mary's is the most prestigious, but told me just about nothing. To get any information you have to contact a department head. Great, just what I wanted to do, send a cold email to a university head. Hong Kong, by the time I FOUND the expenses, I was SO disgusted I had to go to bed. Nottingham, at least, I could find the expenses, but very little on the programs.

Competition for Stockholm. Stockholm, by far, has the clearest application procedure. It's free, and they stipend. The problem being that they have ONE (1) place this year ... I'm all Jesus H. Christ, how will THAT happen. They took 5 last year, and said they'd only accept 2. Hmm. Even if they accept 2 - 3 my chances are slim to none without some publications.

Jobs don't look so good. I'd really like to step into a professorship of somesort, and work towards an advanced degree. However, teaching opportunities are slim to none nowadays. I especially want to stay abroad, enriching my international experience. American experience is cool and all, but I've very dynamic backgrounds that SHOULD be opening some doors ... and yet, no :(

My mom, for other reasons, met with a lawyer this week. She mentioned what I was doing and the lawyer gave her email etc and said I should contact her. I know I should be giving law firms a second look, but it is REALLY not what I want to do. I know that, and I'm not sure I should run against that, except that I may have no choice. How much would that sucks: You know you don't like the work, but you have to take the job anyways, and it puts you years away from teaching or getting another degree.

Fun. On a lighter note, I have a great research project to propose for doctoral studies. It is completely cutting edge, and combines my background of environmental and arbitration law. It's also a nice international element. The professor who is currently advising me suggested a similar topic, and he's on the doctor review committee for Stockholm. I'm debating asking if he will support my candidacy along with an Arbitration professor. Who knows. Things will work out the way they should. Just think, I was waitlisted for my current program, and now I hope to graduate with honors!

Dad comes home today, so I should clean a bit. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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