Sunday, March 13, 2005

Stop that Old Man!

I was with my dad today, postwork out, on the way to get a Kebab. We are moving with the thin flows of people on the street, avoiding the ice, and cursing the cold. The street is, for lack of better term, quiet. Suddenly I hear the theft beeping sound -- you know the one in stores if you leave on a tag.

Some dude who was like 95 walked out onto the street. He looked around, lost, with the beeping still in the background. Then he straightened the filched sweater and turned to a lady on the street, "What do you think?" (Vad tycker du om den har ...). The security tag dangled blatantly from the wool coverlet. The beeping stopped, and she responded as we passed out of hearing range.

The poor dude slowly moved back in the store, setting the alarm off again. He didn't even flinch. No one ever came out of the store to see what was being stolen. It just struck me and I wanted to share :)


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