Tuesday, March 15, 2005

80's Dance to Stretch Your ... FOREARMS?

In a recent bout of awareness at the gym, I witnessed the most interesting way to stretch your forearms. People who do not lift are thinking wtf mate, he's on crack. It really is interesting, since it caught my attention b/c I thought the dude was dancing to the Backstreet Boys blaring over the speakers. I, personally, try to block out most of the music, but this guy used it to his advantage ... I think.

The 80's dance. You guys have to remember this one. The guy was even wearing sweat bands around his wrists, how cliche?! This is the dance where you put your hands together in front of you, like a prayer-fist of interlocking fingers. Then, you move your arms in rhythm to BAD music and make them appear fluid. It looks kind of like a wave. The next is to put your hands together like you are in traditional prayer (no locking fingers). Push both hands together. Now, and this is tricky, move your hands as one so that you make a wave down your forearms. Dont' worry if you can't get it the first time, it's tricksy. I know everyone has seen it.

It really works. I didn't try it while I was at the gym, because people can always tell when you are trying to copy them. I notice it all the time. Mostly, you notice because people try to copy without being confident about it, they do it kind of half-assed. Anyways, I tried it and it does seem to work, but I'm not sure there aren't better ways to stretch. At least if I'm doing more traditional stretches no one can accuse me of listening to the god aweful eurodance crapola. What I wouldn't do for a 30 minutes alterna/punk mix. I'm very tempted to take in some rage, audio slave and bad religion and see if I can coerce them into playing it. At least you can grunt to that stuff.

Have a good one


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