Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Beware the Ice of March

My sister had comments about the Ides of March the other day. I'm not worried about the Ides, so much as I'm worried about the damn shards of ice threatening my livelihood.

We've lots of snow here, in pretty regular intervals. It keeps the stuff on the ground to a couple inches, which is cool as far as I'm concerned. However, the rooftops of the buildings are a totally different story. They heat and cool, heat and cool, creating these shale-like ice sheets, begging for a warm day to come down and impale some innocent passer-by.

I'm looking out onto my balcony. It's covered with snow, a thin layer, with HUGE gouge marks where the ice slides off nearby overhangings. It's pretty spectacular to see the icicles fall and explode, but a little disconcerting when you are sitting here in relative quiet and they hit the glass door. I swear I've jumped out of my skin three times already this morning. THAT's why my knees hurt! I keep hitting them on the desk ... As K, my lovely Georgian friend, is famous for saying, "Bastardos".

On a different note, I'm going to France with my dad for a long weekend. We are going to drive around Normandy. Oh, there is nothing better for bonding than driving, battle grounds, good food and being in a country where neither of you speaks the language. It should be good times. I just looked at the forecast! it will be in the 60's while I'm there!!! omg, it's like summer!!! I probably won't get to post though :( Which is sad. Hopefully I will just make up for it when I get back.

Hope everyone has a great day


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