Thursday, March 31, 2005

Angels, a temporary obsession?

When I was a kid TV was THE thing. I now realize it's because my mom watches more tv than most people. The dern thing is ALWAYS on. Swedish TV thwarts her regularly though, canceling and moving shows around.

When I was a kid I used to watch the million dollar man, charlies angels, night rider and V -- ah and sometimes A Team. I guess Angels were mostly reruns, but I still liked them.

The Angels in Stockholm?! Now the Angels come on, late at night, on swedish TV. I was watching some show my mom records daily, and the tail end had a Charlies Angels episode at the very end. I was shocked. Then I sat, mesmorized at the train wreck that was Charlies Angels. She's recorded a few episodes for me since they come on right after her;s, and I think I'm hooked. NO LAUGHING. They are campy, but fun in a McGyver meets woman's lib way. I'm enjoying them anyways :)


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