Tuesday, April 12, 2005

TRouble with Scenarios

So a scenario is supposed to be relatively easy to create. Or so I'd heard. It takes MUCH more time than one might think. You've got to get the 'hints' right for the nuances you will use later. You also have to forshadow applicable cases and problems in court. yadda ... yadda .. yadda.

IF you couldn't tell I'm still working through my thesis type stuff. It is a happy thing, in some senses, because I will be done soon! I want to get this stupid scenario ready for a presentation next week though. MEANING my advisor needs to get me comments on it before I can present it to the class. WE had a really productive meeting yesterday. He thinks I write quickly, and I get changes done efficiently. Apparently I'm ahead of schedule in his book. I think I'm UBER behind, but whatever, he's sets the gradeage.

Talk soon, fun picture to follow :)


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