Friday, April 08, 2005

Strang Attractions

I'm sick that Anna stopped writing on her blog :( We've several common posts, that work in concert. Alas her blog is gone, and will be missed. I'd like to take this opportunity to send a group hug to Anna. *hug*

I mention Anna b/c she'd posted about strange attractions to people. I've had some attractions to people I've never met. There is an inherent attraction to personality, I think, but at what point do we need a more substantial connection to maintain to the attraction? Could it be that we enjoy the lack to substiantiation? Is it easier to satisfy portions of our psyche in a more autonomous forum?

In a way, this may be true. Sometimes people are turned on by anonymity or fleeting encounters. This is primitively sexual. But, as a counter, we are also riddled with the burdens of crushes. Typically, crushes are people we see or interact with on a very limited scale. We know little about them. What we do know piques our interests or appeals to some 'goal'. Usually we find out the good things about a person we crush on. Often when we get to know a crush they diminish. Now, is this because we squelch the intrigue, or because we now balance out a real person with a previously unacheivable person?

Just been thinking about. What do you think?


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