Tuesday, April 05, 2005

More Interesting Searches

Apparently Yahoo! likes my blog-site. So much fun :) I'm tempted to try and put a bunch of stupid meta tags in here and see if it does anything. Anyways the following brought up my website, though I speculate one of them was Grace.

ups + ostermalmstorg

- I was the only website listed on this. I would assume this person meant to get a UPS (united postal service) website with some information on delivery into or from Ostermalmstorg (where I live in stockholm).

"jedi master grace"

- was the second search, in quotes. this pulled me up twice, which is coo. I still think it was Grace :)


- I did this to see what was retrieved. It is totally scary. My site was everywhere. Apparently I'm listed on BlogShares.com. I was unaware of this. I added their link to the bottom of the page. I don't exactly 'get' it, but it looks coo.


Listed on BlogShares