Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Strangeness that is Commentary

I thought this was interesting, since I've not checked comments in a while. They read REALLY strangely. The clencher is that the comments report in recency -- most recent first. I thought I'd put in a few snippets to see what I meant :)

"Good for you ... I think"

"Because of you, I went looking up "jedi master". Thankfully there are a lot of delusional people out there ahead of me so I can survive in relative obscurity."

"I'm with Isabo. burn the fucker and get on with real life. What about all the sexy swedes? Time to play! What is the thesis about?"

"There's more than one?"

"Dude ... why the lame post? Get outta here! you know I'm goofin' ya! Spring fever's a killer!"

"Merc, your site can be pretty scary"

"My blog is the first hit for much stranger searches than that"

"How do you fancy living here in Sweden?"

"ummm, so the boy who is all about napping and sleep decides to STAY UP until 4 am to pick players for fantasy baseball? did you get Kyle at least?"

"FIRE! I say burn it!"

I don't know why, but the whole thing just made me giggle :) Maybe I'm slowly losing my sanity. I'll answer a few of the comments though, since there are several interesting things broached here: The Swedes tend to be cliquish when you are out, and only agressive if they think you are the hawt. Granted, I'm probably not what they are looking for, but only because I've found swedes to be a little superficial. However, I really enjoy living here. My thesis is about arbitrating environmental issues in an international commercial context. I did not get Kyle when I drafted, mostly because he's a crap pitcher (inside joke). Merc seems like a nice guy, but he was just in baltimore, he'll be getting much better hits than me for a long time to come. I write lame posts when me head turns to mush from either too much thesis work or complete and disabling frustration with my lack of significant other.

ENjoy all :)


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