Wednesday, April 06, 2005

NOT amused ...

Either I've fallen into a decidely frustrating time, or people are out to get me. I try not to be paranoid, so I'll stick with the general frustrations.

1. The VIS competition. I worked my ass off on VIS mooting stuff to help the team that went to moot. I did a great deal of the writing, if not the majority. After two weeks I have not heard anything from the program director OR the team members I worked so hard for. I asked one of my classmates today, and it's not wonder no one's talking about it. Apparently they didn't even make it past the first round. THE FIRST ROUND ... If they are reading this, I'm sure you guys did your best. They should have at least told me though, I'm listed as a team member even if I didn't go moot in Vienna.

2. Advisors for Thesis. I go to school today expecting to get SOME feedback on my thesis work, that I busted ass to turn in on time yadda yadda. Nothing. My course professor opened the document, saw that I had 138 footnotes and put it aside to read later. Hmm .. that does me no good, particularly when my advisor has yet to contact me to meet. Maybe it was that bad?

3. Job stuffs and next year. This is THE month to get all my crap done: finish masters, apply for jobs, apply for PhD. Well, it's difficult to do all those things, and I'm coming up short. I'd really rather not put all my eggs in one basket, and I feel like I'm doing that. Oh well, these are general stresses I guess. It just doesn't help that there are anti teaching jobs available in the US right now in higher ed.

Hope everyone else is having a less stressful day!


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