Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Night Noises and Drilling

So I live in a fairly good sized european city. BEing that as it is, Stockholm is relatively small. We have fun quirks around the city that I enjoy. Some, however, get on my one nerve. I've a relatively long fuse, unless we're related, but once you set me off it's like I can't even stand myself.

This started the other night when I stayed up to do my fantasy baseball draft. I was up until 4 am. I heard these really strange noises outside. Click, click, and then a shrill squack. I figured, oh, disgurntled birds (probably magpies). Well, come 5:30 I realized their relentless complaining ate away at my sleep. I closed the window.

The other day I stayed up to watch the opening game for MLB. Again, when I went to bed, that strange click click shriek. It was terrible. I don't usually notice them, so it must be something you can get used to, so long as you are already sleeping.

I figured it's got to be like clocks and belltowers. I'm completely one of those people that can sleep to a clock or ignore bells tolling. Heck, I lived close to a hospital for 6 years in undergrad and law school. After a while you just block it out. I kind of like the bells form the clocktowers :) The strange thing though, is that I can deal with the big sounds, it's the little creepy sounds that wake me. My sister has a good story about that, so hopefully she'll say something about it in her next few posts. For me, being very similar, you can be playing loud music. Turn it off, and accidently drop a gum wrapper on the floor and I bolt awake. The cat walking on the carpet used to wake me up for pete's sake :)

Anyways, it's just strange that sometimes the little things get to us, while the really big things just 'blend in' or we ignore. Even in our sleep. Maybe that's a survival thing?

Interestingly, they've been doing spring cleaning on my street. There is less road traffic on the street, since we're on one of the few streets closed to cars. However, they are currently drilling and sweeping something terrible. IT's like nonstop. if the sun is up they are at work, and let me tell you, the sun gets up early and goes to bed late! This morning they flushed the sewers. OMG, it was so nast. I mean, really really bad. I was thinking, oh, sewage, won't be SO bad right? I walked pasted the truck and nearly lost my breakfast right there on the street. It was REALLY bad. Good to get it all out of here before it turns warm though :)

Hope everyone's well.


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