Tuesday, April 26, 2005

As a funny aside ...

I play fantasy baseball. Anyone who reads regularly is aware of this, and knows that I can be kind obsessive about it. In any case, you may also recall that I recently posted something on Alyssa Milano. Well, apparently even fantasy baseball is not safe from her clutches, as the fantasy page recently released this comment about Barry Zito:

Apr 26 Athletics pitcher Barry Zito went 6 2/3 innings against the White Sox Monday. He allowed four runs on seven hits, striking out four and walking one. However, his teammates, who haven't scored in 22 innings, gave him zero run support. "If I go out and throw a scoreless seventh inning, it might have given us a chance to scratch out a run or two," Zito told the Associated Press. "It's easier when you're not behind. It's not going to be like this forever. I'll go out and be optimistic."

Views: Even if Zito tossed a scoreless seventh, it wouldn't have been enough for the win. The poor guy is just plain bad; we don't know any other way to put it. His ERA is 6.60 and he hasn't won a game in five outings. If someone told us this guy once won the AL Cy Young Award, we'd have him admitted to drug rehab for a crack addiction. Barry should call Alyssa Milano right now and beg her to come back because, at this rate, Athletics groupies wouldn't even touch him.

It's slanderous I tell you, it makes Alyssa sound like a cheap slut. We all know she's ... well, different, from a groupie. Anyways, I thought it was interesting that these two worlds collided in such an unexpected way.


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