Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Commentary on Comments 4.19

I wanted to take a few minutes and comment on some comments. This is always tricky. I like to leave questions on other people's blogs too, but questions suck in comments for two reasons. 1) they are rarely answered, 2) when they do answer it is usually in the comments after your post. Er, I don't reread my comments on OTHER blogs that often, so even if they post the answer I rarely notice. :( Simon has the best method since he sends emails to good questions.

I recently joined BlogClicker. This brings in a variety of traffic, usually passers-by who want credits to pimp out their sites. If you really need traffic, and are willing to surf other blogs, then you should check it out. There are a few people who come in and comment. USually when you are new to a blog you ask questions, I do that alot on accident :) Anyways, people have done this so I will address some comments:

  1. "What do you like most about Stockholm?" - well, this is going to be SUCH an evasive answer, I like just about everything. I have no inclination to return to my country, except that my visa will run out. Other than that Sweden is ideally situated in europe for travel, and has a great educational system. The only real drawbacks here are that swedes tend to be a little cliquish and reserved in terms of meeting new people, and the fact that a burger here DOES cost like $5 (at least) and everything is about triple the price I'm used to.

  2. "What the blog wasn't making you famous enough, you have to be in a commercial?" - HA, hardly. I've no inckling to pursue acting etc. It was spurned mostly by my family's interest. I really really dragged my feet, but I think they'd be disappointed that I passed up the opportunity, so I did it.

  3. "So since it's my first time here I assume you are an actor?" LOL, no, no no no no. It was just for the experience. I should hear about second callbacks thisw week. If I get the callback I will really have to wonder what they are looking for. It will also confirm for me that production teams smoke AMPLE amounts crack when casting parts.

  4. "Who is she?" - This is in reference to Allysa Milano. Um, Grace, I love you to death, but how could you possibly have missed the Allysa Milano :) She's currently on Charmed (I don't know the syndicate in Canadia) on the WB channels in the US. She's been in several movies, nothing too big, and she was on "Who's the Boss" with Tony Danza.

  5. "holy freaking popcorn batdude, that was her in canterville ghost?" - Again Allysa Milano, and yes, yes she was. This was back when she was still doing innocent things and branching out from Who's the Boss.

  6. "I think hand cream is a guy thing?" Lol, taken out of context, this is appropriately funny. Sorry, maybe it's all me. Anyways, yes, I do think handcream is a guy thing. While girls use it when they get out of the bath or when their hands get dry, men use handcream for 'alternate' uses. I would say that handcream devations from the norm are probably male. Though, I've known some women who do strange things ...

  7. There were, of course, other questions I deliberately left out, or were not in the synopses I see when I review the comments en masse. So, apologies if I did not address your questions.

Thanks for comments all!


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